Identity Verification

We authenticate that your social security number isn’t being used by anyone else. The trace also provides addresses where you have applied for credit.

Criminal Record Search

Your Personal Background check includes a search of national and county databases. We provide any criminal records including date of arrest, date of filing, charges and more.

Sex Offender Search

The Sex Offender Registry Database search provides sex offender case information in an easy–to–read report.

Employment Verification

We verify the information on your resume which will provide you with insight on what information past employers would share.

Reference Check Report

Our team of professional reference checkers will call your references confidentially and give you a report on what they are saying about you.

Education Verification

Confirms school(s) attended, diplomas, degrees & certificates awarded, dates of attendance, and more.

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    TransparentME Features

    Set up your Online Background Check to look exactly like the searches most employers use.


    TransparentME Features

    TME searches go past national databases and include manual searches of county records from across the nation.


    TransparentME Features

    Receive instant results from our national database.