How Do I Check My Background

How can I run a background check on myself?

I would like to perform a self background check, but, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know what paperwork I might need, and I don’t know what features to select.  How can I get a background check on myself?  I know my employer is going to do it, I want to see what they are going to see.

Tom D. Northbrook, IL

On TransparentMe we make it easy for you to perform a background check on yourself – we allow you to perform the same background check that most employers will do when they do a background check.

What information is needed for a background check:

For a background check, all you need is your name, date of birth, your Social Security Number, and your current address.  From there, most background checks use the social security number to trace where a person has lived, and then ties information associated with that background to you.  The Social Secruity trace is important – its how employers know to search the county records of the places you have lived previously.

What is the process for a background check on TransparentMe?

In all, it takes less than 5 minutes to input the information for your background check.  Getting your background check report from TransparentMe is easy.  Stare on our Homepage and click on the link that says “start your background check now”, select the products and package that you would like.  You can select our basic option which is $19.95 and includes a national criminal database search, a sex offender search and verifies your identity.  Our ‘Smart’ and ‘Complete’ packages include a search of the Homeland Security databases and a county search (or 5 county searches for the complete package).

After selecting your package, you will then have the option of adding a county record search to your background check.  Since most employers will search the counties you have lived in we recommend adding in any counties where you resided recently.  You can skip the county page, or add in some counties, then, you can select any of the added features, that include a call to your past employers to verify dates of employment, education verification  a reference check, and professional license verification.  . . you can pretty much do just about anything an employer will check on you except interview yourself.  Keep in mind, how long an employer will look back at your record will depend on what state you live, and each state has different rules – California Background Check Laws are among the most strict in the nation, and they say that an employer can look back 7 years – Virginia says that an employer can’t look at arrests, and Texas limits what an employer can look at if the job pays under $75,000!

Once you have selected your options, you will input your payment information.  Once payment has been verified, we will then ask you for personal information.  Once your basic personal information is added, we then send you to our secure background check server to ask for your Social Security Number, and Date of birth.  From there, you will need to digitally sign a consent form, view that consent form, and then hit submit for your background check to begin.

Again, in all it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the process.  From there, your background check will begin processing.  For a national criminal database search, the turnaround is instant.  County searches can take more time  because they may actually involve sending our professional court researchers to the county you selected for an in person visit, but, it depends on each county and how fast they can return us the information we request.  Most county background checks are complete within the first couple of business days, but, some do take longer.